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  • How to change the installation folder
  • How to uninstall TimePanic
  • How to upgrade TimePanic
  • How to switch from TimePanic for Windows to TimePanic for USB drives?
  • How to backup your data
  • How to transfer your data to a new PC
  • How to change the location of the TipPreferences.xml file
  • How to manage several sets of data on the same computer
  • How to make TimePanic for USB Drives start automatically
  • Is TimePanic network-compatible?
Time Tracking
  • How to turn off automatic adjustment of times
  • How to best organize my favorite activities
  • How to sort a report
  • How to rename columns
  • How to display the calendar week in a weekly report
  • Why do I get different sums for the same report?
  • How to export a report to Microsoft Excel

Known Issues (TimePanic for Windows)

Issues in version 4.4 build 660 (fixed in version 4.5 build 747)
  • Fixed: Marking a day with zero planned working hours (not a Saturday or Sunday) as a partial day off (annual leave, sick leave, ...), specified in minutes, would crash TimePanic (customer request).
  • Fixed: Copying favorites by means of drag & drop in combination with the Ctrl key did not work properly (customer request).
  • The advanced option Late rounding in status bar did not work in the report view. This has been fixed by introducing a second such option that only applies to the report view.
  • Fixed: In the USB drive version of TimePanic, work type images were saved with an absolute path.
  • Fixed: When a previous day is open in the day view, the regular intervals reminder displays the wrong currenty activity (customer request).
Issues in version 4.4 build 655 (fixed in version 4.4 build 660)
  • Fixed: The placeholder menu Today's Date inserted the wrong place holder (customer request). This only applied to the English version.
Issues in version 4.4 build 649 (fixed in version 4.4 build 655)
  • Fixed: When waking your computer from hibernation or stand by, the keyboard shortcuts did not work any more (customer request).
  • Fixed: The Colors tab in the year view was always empty.
Issues in version 4.3 build 637 (fixed in version 4.4)
  • Fixed: In some types of reports, sorting did not work properly (customer request).
  • Fixed: Copying days in the year view did not work properly for days that extended beyond midnight.
  • Fixed: Grouping activities by quarters and half years did not work properly in matrix mode.
  • Fixed: The command Flag Activities of the Report did not work (customer request).
Issues in version 4.2 build 615 (fixed in version 4.3)
  • Fixed: If the date format of a report in a matrix mode did not contain the year, the corresponding dates in different years were undesirably grouped together (customer request).
  • Fixed: Changing the icon size in the Modify Side Pane Tab dialog did not become effective until TimePanic was restarted (customer request).
  • Fixed: If you use the cross symbol in the upper right corner to close complex dialogs such as the Manage Projects window, you are now warned that this will discard your changes (customer request).
  • Fixed: When in-place editing of activities is enabled, the first character is not lost any more when typing a comment (customer request).
  • Fixed: The Replace function always adjusted the times, even if automatic time adjustment was off.
Issues in version 4.2 build 614 (fixed in version 4.2 build 615)
  • Changing the flags of an activity by means of the F11 key or the F12 key always adjusted the times, even if automatic time adjustment was off (customer request).
Issues in version 4.2 build 612 (fixed in version 4.2 build 614)
  • Starting a new activity by clicking on a favorite activity caused the activity list to flicker (customer request)
  • In some reports, the calculated amount was missing (customer request).
Issues in version 4.2 build 606 (fixed in version 4.2 build 612)
  • Under Windows 7, if TimePanic is minimized to the task bar, the "Do you want to save your changes" dialog, which is displayed when shutting down Windows, remains invisible and locks the application (customer request).
  • When a report in matrix mode is saved from the data view to a text file, the column headers are exported incorrectly: The generic name <IntervalFormatted> is used instead of the column names visible in the report view (customer request).
  • The option late rounding in status bar now also applies to the TimePanic title when running minimized in the task bar (customer request).
  • Under certain circumstances, the license key (and other user preferences) were not saved when closing the Windows session (custom request). Time tracking data were not affected.
Issues in version 4.1 build 571 (fixed in version 4.2)
  • Fixed: Changing the flags of an activity by means of in-place editing always adjusted the times, even if automatic time adjustment was off (customer request).
  • Fixed: When using the report option I want to interactively specify the week when the report is generated, the forward arrow button in the calendar used to select the week did not work under Windows Vista (customer request).
  • Fixed: Under rare circumstances, all favorite activities and the activities of the current day could be lost (customer request). This can happen in previous versions if the data are stored on a network drive and the connection is temporarily lost. If automatic saving is enabled and the connection is restored before the user has closed the error message displayed by TimePanic, all favorite activities and the activities of the current day are deleted.
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, many tooltips in the toolbar suddenly displayed the text "ToDo" (customer request).
  • Fixed: The three report columns "Start time of first activity of the day", "End time of last activity of the day" and "Duration of non-chargeable hours" now exclude non chargeable activities at the beginning and at the end of the day (customer request).
  • Fixed: After saving, TimePanic did not return all memory provided by Windows for the save operation (customer request). In technical terms, it was a file handle leak.
  • Fixed: Line breaks in comments were ignored in reports displayed in print view (customer request).
  • Fixed: After side grading from the freeware edition to the commercial edition of TimePanic, the export function did not support the additional columns of the commercial version (customer request).
  • Fixed: Deleting an activity on the PC could result in an unintentional time adjustment of an adjacent activity on the mobile device after synchronization if automatic time adjustment was disabled on the PC and enabled on the mobile device.
  • Fixed: If the visibility of a project, work type or person was changed on the PC, this change was not synchronized to the mobile device unless some other property was changed, too (at the same time or later).
Issues in version 4.1 build 569 (fixed in version 4.1 build 571)
  • Fixed: The reminder feature for user inactivity did not always work properly when automatic time adjustment was used with the second option (customer request).
  • Fixed: In previous versions, the reminder feature was disabled when TimePanic was the active application. This limitation has been lifted (customer request).
Issues in version 4.1 build 568 (fixed in version 4.1 build 569)
  • Fixed: Long activity comments (exceeding 259 characters) could cause TimePanic to crash under certain circumstances (customer request). This problem has been solved by limiting items displayed in lists to 259 characters.
Issues in version 4.0 build 555 (fixed in version 4.1 build 568)
  • Fixed: Typo in the toolbar: "View Year" changed to "Year View" (customer request).
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the font of the calendar in the day view changed unintentionally so that all days were displayed in bold (customer request). The "current project" drop-down list had a similar problem.
  • Fixed: The lower part of the calendar in the day view was truncated on systems using large Windows fonts.
  • Fixed: Divider lines appeared in several drop-down lists containing favorite activities and were displayed as random character strings (customer request).
  • Fixed: The current project drop-down list did not hide projects whose parents were invisible.
  • Fixed: The "Help" button in the dialog Modify Side Pane Tab did not work (customer request).
Issues in version 3.5 build 479 (fixed in version 4.0 build 555)
  • Fixed: The Structure tab of the report properties tended to make previously hidden report fields visible again even if nothing was changed (customer request).
  • Fixed: Some rarely used types of reports caused TimePanic to crash.
  • Fixed: Several (invisible) formatting problems in HTML reports have been corrected.
  • Fixed: For reports grouped by cost center, sorting by cost center did not work (customer request).
  • Fixed: The keyboard shortcuts F11 and F12 for settings flags in the year view did not work. They have been changed to F9 and F10, respectively.
  • Fixed: Entering 8.2 on the Working Hours tab did not work properly (customer request). Internally, this input was converted to 491 minutes instead of 492.
  • Fixed: Days containing data are no longer displayed in bold in the day view calendar when navigating via the calendar caption (customer request).
  • Fixed: Some menu items displayed random "phantom" texts in the status bar when selected (customer request).
  • Fixed: After a daylight saving time clock change, activities created on the mobile device before the clock change were synchronized to the PC one hour off (customer request).

Known Issues (TimePanic for Pocket PC)

Issues in version 2.6 build 283 (fixed in version 2.7)
  • Fixed: The option Automatically open activity properties did not support the possibility to disable automatic time adjustment (customer request).
  • Fixed: The Replace function always adjusted the times, even if automatic time adjustment was off.
Issues in version 2.6 build 279 (fixed in version 2.6 Build 283)
  • Fixed: On devices with a high resolution display, TimePanic now allows to use large rows twice the height as before (customer request).
  • Fixed: Activities can now be modified by double-tapping them (customer request).
Issues in version 2.6 build 276 (fixed in version 2.6 Build 279)
  • Fixed: The hourly rate set to a project did not synchronize.
  • Fixed: On newer Windows Mobile devices, the drop-down lists did not open (customer request).
  • Fixed: On newer Windows Mobile devices, the calendar of the New command was either invisible or too large (customer request).


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