Screenshots of the TimePanic for Windows Main Window

In the day view, the main window displays the timesheet - the chronological list of all activities of the day. On the left-hand side, it has different panes, one of which contains customizable favorite activites that are used for starting recurring activities more easily.

Day View

Switch to the year view for a quick overview of your days off (annual leave, sick leave, public holidays ...) and of how much time you worked on each working day.

Year View

The report view creates printable reports and lets you organize them as favorites on the left hand side. The possibility to create favorite reports makes it very easy to manage the different types of reports you will certainly need.

Report View

Activities can be tracked on a per-project basis.

Configuration of Projects

A wizard helps creating all sorts of time tracking reports.
Report Wizards

Hourly rates can be variable in TimePanic.

Configuration of Hourly Rates

Hourly rates help calculate net invoice amounts.

Reports calculate net invoice amount


Multi-user report


User Management

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Screenshots of TimePanic for Windows Phone

TimePanic Day View

Day View

TimePanic Categories


TimePanic Options


TimePanic Synchronization


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