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TimePanic is an award-winning application for tracking time spent at the computer. If you need to keep track of the work you do and when you do it, and want to stay on top of tracking projects or your business, then TimePanic is the ideal solution.

  • Improve your efficiency at work.
  • Keep on top of all your projects.
  • Keep an overview of all your priorities.
  • See where the time is going in your day.
  • See which projects/clients consume the most time.
  • And more.

Time is one of the most important assets you have. Learn to manage it effectively and you will get more done, stay on top of your deadlines, improve efficiency and boost your productivity.

All of which can be achieved without having to spend more time at work. In fact TimePanic can help you get the same amount of work done in less time.

Let TimePanic put you back in control of your working and private life. Download our free 30 day evaluation version for yourself, and see what this time management software can do for you.

Seize control of your time today!

TimePanic is available for Windows, for Windows Phone and for USB drives.

TimePanic for Windows Phone

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TimePanic - love it! :-) I am self-employed, and I was looking for a software to help me collect data about my time spent working on projects when I found your software. It's wonderful! I had tried others, but only yours was simple, intuitive, and right to the point. In fact, if I were to work in consulting again, I would continue to use your tool to track my time for entry into those universally unwieldy time tracking/invoicing tools most companies use. Those softwares were always a major headache, and entering my time consumed far too much of my day.

Jean Bissell, Cincinnati, Ohio/USA

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The development of TimePanic has been inspired by Watts S. Humphreys article Why does Software Work Take So Long. In this article, you learn how to improve your working style by observing yourself at work.


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