TimePanic Features

Our time management software has a large number of features designed to make it easier for you to take control of your time. Whether you need to keep track of time because you charge for it or simply want to increase your personal productivity, TimePanic is the time management software you're looking for.

TimePanic for Windows

TimePanic for USB Drives

TimePanic FE for Windows

Time Tracking
Non-billable activities
Activity comments
Project import
Current project
Shared projects
Hourly rates
Fixed costs New in 5.2
Two custom flags
Search for activities
Favorite activities
Recent activities
Custom date / time formats
Planned breaks
Public holidays, annual leave, sick leave, ...
Partial public holidays, partial annual leave, ...
Global keyboard shortcuts
Automatic pause detection
Multi-level undo/redo
Notification area support
Hibernate support
Demo data
Portable, runs on USB drives
In-place editing of activities
Dark visual style New in 5.0
4K monitor support New in 5.1
Custom reports
Favorite reports
Multi-user reports
Printing of reports
Report filters
Modification of report data
Calculation of overtime
Calculation of net invoice amounts
Excel-compatible export
Other features
English, German & French version
Upgrade from any previous version
Setup & detailed users guide
32-bit and 64-bit edition New in 5.3
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