TimePanic Upgrade

Major versions are payable. Licensed customers who want to upgrade from version 4.6 or earlier to version 5.0 or later require an extra license, an upgrade license. All other upgrades are free of charge.

TimePanic Upgrade

Upgrade license key valid for Windows and for USB Drives

Version: 5.X
  Price: €19.99
  Model: per user

Upgrade: Questions & Answers

There's a licensing side as well as a technical side to upgrading.

Which upgrades are free?

New TimePanic versions are released as major versions, minor versions or patches, depending on the scale of changes, although this may vary.

Type of Releases Scale Example Upgrade
Major version Major changes 4.6 → 5.0 Payable
Minor version Minor changes 5.0 → 5.1 Free
Patch Bug fixes 5.1 Build 1024 → 5.1 Build 1031 Free

Will I lose any data when I upgrade?

The format in which TimePanic saves its data tends to change with each new release. These changes are necessary to introduce new features or to improve the internal structure of the data. When a new version of TimePanic is started for the first time after an upgrade, it converts the existing data automatically under the hood to the new format if necessary.

This automatic data upgrade is supported from any previous release, all the way back to version 1.0. You will not lose any data when you upgrade. That said, it is strongly recommended that you back up your TimePanic data before you start the upgrade.

How do I upgrade?

To be on the safe side, create a backup of your data. Purchase the upgrade license key if applicable. Download the new version to your computer and run the setup.

The setup will detect an existing installation and upgrade it automatically. If necessary, your data are converted to the new format when the new version is started for the first time. If the upgrade involves the purchase of an upgrade license key, you can enter this key either during installation or after installation in the Help menu.

Can I go back to 32-bit?

If you are having trouble with the 64-bit version, you can go back to the 32-bit version. The setup programs support sidegrading from the 32-bit version to the 64-bit version, and vice versa.

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