TimePanic Purchase

TimePanic is licensed on a per user basis. There is no subscription, the license is perpetual. Patches and minor updates are free of charge. The license is valid for version 5.0 and later 5.X releases. The license key for TimePanic for Windows is also valid for TimePanic for USB Drives, and vice versa. Payments are processed by MyCommerce, a Digital River Company.


TimePanic for Windows

     Version: 5.3
       Price: €39.00
       Model: per user
Subscription: no

TimePanic for USB Drives

     Version: 5.3
       Price: €39.00
       Model: per user
Subscription: no

Purchase: Questions & Answers

How much does TimePanic cost?

TimePanic is sold in Euro. A license for TimePanic for Windows or for TimePanic für USB Drives costs 39 Euro, including VAT. (No VAT will be charged if you are based outside the EU or if you are an EU business customer with a VAT ID).

How to pay

All payments are processed by MyCommerce - an online payment processing company that ensures the security of your transaction and your credit card details. MyCommerce is a subsidiary of Digital River, Inc. headquartered in Minnesota, United States. They accept payment by credit card, cheque, PayPal or wire transfer.

Can I pay by purchase order?

To pay by purchase order (reserved for established companies, corporations and most government agencies), follow one of the links below and click on I prefer to order by fax at the bottom of the order form.

Can I get a discount?

To see the volume discount prices for TimePanic for Windows or for TimePanic for USB Drives, click the Buy Now button that takes you to the reseller. Then click Volume discount prices in the order form.

Academic discounts are available upon request.

What do I get when I pay?

Once your payment has been accepted, MyCommerce will send you your personal license key via email. This license key is valid for the English, the German and the French version (and for all future minor updates).

To download the software, go to the download page. There is no difference between the trial version and the full version. To unlock the software beyond the 30-day trial period, enter the license key in the Help menu.

(*) Boxed Versions

The boxes are used for presentation purposes only. Boxed versions are not available. All products are for download only.

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