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TimePanic has been developed for all people who need to keep track of their working hours, either because they want to do it (for more control over their time) or because they have to do it (in order to charge their time). Here is a selection of professions and disciplines to which our time recording software is ideally suited:

  • Freelancers
  • Software Development, Quality Assurance
  • Consulting, Support
  • Architects, Designers

Because of its ease of use and its pragmatic design, TimePanic can also be interesting for teams and small companies.

Interesting things to do with TimePanic

Quality of Working Time

Do you sometimes feel like you are working all day without getting much accomplished? Do you ever feel like you are being interrupted every 10 minutes by a colleague and not making much headway with your own problems? Do you sometimes find that you are spending all day in meetings?

TimePanic can help to support your subliminal feelings by providing convincing figures.

Keep an account of how often you are interrupted in your work. With our time recorder, it is mere childs play. Configure one or more toolbar buttons that you can click whenever the phone rings or a colleague stops by. Clicking one of those buttons causes TimePanic to log the beginning of a new job, for example Answer phone. When the phone call is over, click the Resume button in the toolbar to continue your previous job. As you can see, logging interruptions requires no more than two mouse clicks with our time recorder.

Quality of Work

If you are working in the software development field, then you know how important it is to spend sufficient time on specification and design in order to obtain a high quality software product.  If you dont, then the testing phase is likely to last much longer than scheduled. With our time recording software, you can find out how much time you actually spend on the different software development phases. To this end, you need to assign work types to you jobs, for instance Design or Evaluation or Development or Test. These are predefined TimePanic work types that facilitate later evaluations. For example, a few mouse clicks suffice to find out what percentage of your last months working time you devoted to Evaluation. Assigning work types is a simple task: Configure toolbar buttons that start new jobs with the appropriate work types.






Recommended Reading

Read chapter 10 in Tom DeMarcos and Timothy Listers book Peopleware. Learn how important it is for your work to get into the magical flow state. You cannot reach the flow state if you are interrupted every 20 minutes.



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