What not to expect from TimePanic

TimePanic does not compete with time and expense tracking software deployed in many enterprises to invoice their customers and to compute your salary. Usually, you feed this software once a day or once a week with your working times you have previously noted down. A rather tedious task.

This is where TimePanic enters the scene because it offers a highly comfortable and reliable means of jotting down your working times (possibly for later transfer to your companys time tracking software).

"This adds up to double entry bookkeeping."

You are doing this anyway, because whether you get your working times down on paper or record them in electronic form is irrelevant in this context (provided you have a computer workplace).

"So what is the benefit?"

TimePanic simplifies the task of tracking your working times. It starts up when you log on to your computer and shuts down when you log off. Thereby you have your start time and end time recorded without raising a finger. Your current working time is permanently displayed in the task bar, my favorite feature. The lunch break is automatically excluded if you have previously recorded it by two mouse clicks. TimePanic is a reliable program and allows to feed your companys time tracking software at longer intervals than normal. I myself have reduced the frequency of this task to once a month.


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