Whats new in TimePanic 3.0 for Windows?

TimePanic 3.0 for Windows introduces new features and a couple of usability improvements.

New Features
  • TimePanic reports can now be printed (customer request).
Major Improvements
  • The columns in the report view can be renamed, either in the report wizard or later in the column chooser dialog. Likewise, the statistical information can now be renamed.
Minor Improvements
  • Menu and toolbar now follow the Microsoft Office 2003 visual style. The user interface has been improved with new icons.
  • The Start page of the report wizard has a new option Always use the previous day, week, month, ... (customer request).
  • The effect of the shift key during creation of activities (a somewhat hidden feature introduced in version 1.2) can now be made permanent (customer request).
  • Optionally, the dialog with the activity properties can be opened automatically when you click on a favorite button (customer request). You can also select the field that initially has the input focus.
  • The new type of collaboration instant messaging has been added (customer request).
  • A new column is available for reports that group activities by days: the day type.
  • All dialogs with tabs now remember the last selected tab.
  • There is a new option automatically optimize column widths (customer request).
  • A new function assists you in calculating your remaining leave (customer request).
  • Information texts such as "Click the activity to start" can be hidden (customer request).
  • A new option ignores non-chargeable activities when resuming the last activity of the previous day.
  • It is now possible to resume the last activity in the day view without updating its end time. To this end, hold the shift key pressed while executing the Resume command (customer request).
Changed features

To compensate for the increased complexity of the report wizard owing to the new printing feature, some older parts of the wizard have undergone significant changes (without affecting the functionality) in order to make the wizard easier to understand:

  • The three different report views (list, text and matrix) have been demoted to the three modes of the new data view. We now only have two report views: the data view (which replaces the three previous views) and the new print view. They can be customized in the new View tab, which replaces parts of the removed End tab.
  • The three tabs Time Frame, Start and Date have been combined in the new Period of Time tab.
  • The two tabs Intervals and Activities have been combined in the new Structure tab.
  • Likewise, the two tabs Data and Statistics have been combined in the new Data tab.

Other changes:

  • In previous versions, the report generator considered all Saturdays and Sundays as weekend days. As of this version, weekend days are days with 0 planned working hours (Saturdays and Sundays by default).
Dropped features
  • Windows 98 and Windows ME are no longer supported because there have been no new 98/ME customers for more than a year.
  • The "Toolbar graffiti" setting is no longer supported.
  • The "Files" tab in the Properties dialog of the year view has been deleted. It was useless.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: When working after midnight, TimePanic uses the end time of the last activity as the start time of new activities (customer request). This problem only occurs in version 2.4.
  • Fixed: The option Start new days with the last activity of the previous day causes TimePanic to crash at start-up if the day file of the previous day exists but does not contain any activities (customer request).
  • Fixed: The selection of a tab or a space character as a separator in a report definition was lost when saving the report definition (customer request).
  • Fixed: The expansion state of the report view panes was not always persisted correctly.
  • Fixed: In the Directories tab of the Options dialog, it was not possible to select a network share without specifying at least one sub-directory (customer request).
  • Fixed: Hiding a pane in the day view did not remove its favorite activities from the context menu of the notification area (customer request).
Bug fixes related to ActiveSync synchronization
  • Fixed: After synchronizing a new TimePanic activity from the Pocket PC to the Windows computer, the end time of the previously last activity stays open in the day view if it was open before synchronizing.
  • Fixed: The TimePanic ActiveSync module crashes in ActiveSync 4.1 when you disconnect your Pocket PC and then close the ActiveSync window. (This problem does not occur in ActiveSync 3.8 or earlier.)
  • Fixed: The commands Save As in the day view and Paste in the year view do not create new unique ids for the copied activities. This confuses the TimePanic ActiveSync module.


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