Whats new in TimePanic 3.1 for Windows?

TimePanic 3.1 for Windows is an intermediate release containing mostly internal changes. These changes prepare TimePanic for Pocket PC synchronization of work types, projects and persons scheduled for a later release.

Please note that the new TimePanic version stores its data in a format that is incompatible with previous TimePanic versions. In other words, once you have started the new version, you cannot uninstall TimePanic and reinstall a previous version. Also, you cannot share your data with other users who continue to use a version of TimePanic earlier than version 3.1.

Minor Improvements
  • The Activity Properties dialog has been improved: It now supports multiple selection (customer request), is resizable and has two tabs for easier understanding. Note: The default tab can be specified by the Initial focus in activity properties setting.
  • The Start tab has a new option that automatically inserts a favorite activity when TimePanic is restarted the same day. This activity covers the period of time during which TimePanic (or your computer) was not running (customer request). At the same time, the Start tab has been redesigned and renamed to Automatic Activities to make it easier to understand.
  • The Directories tab now has a Select All button to make the possibility of multiple selection visible.
  • The cost center of a project can now be made visible as a separate column in the day view (customer request).
  • If you are using the TimePanic setup to upgrade a previous TimePanic version, the setup now displays the Old Version Detected screen by way of information.
  • The setup now lets you choose whether you want to install TimePanic for all users or only for yourself.
  • The Options dialog is now resizable.
Internal changes

The following changes are necessary for supporting Pocket PC synchronization of work types, projects and person planned for a later version:

  • When work types, projects or persons are shared by two or more users, TimePanic automatically reloads the shared data when they have been changed by another user. It is no longer necessary to restart TimePanic.
  • Work types, projects and persons now have a modification time (column name: Modified) that can be made visible in the user interface.
  • The data type of the internal ids of several TimePanic data structures (work types, projects, persons, etc.) has been changed from number to text. This is a major internal change in six TimePanic components and makes it impossible to go back to a previous TimePanic version once you have started using the new version.
  • TimePanic now automatically reloads the favorite activities when the corresponding files are modified.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: The buttons with the three dots did not work in the Activity Properties dialog when the latter was opened by clicking New in the context menu of the notification area (customer request).
  • Fixed: If the Automatically save all changes option was used, automatic activities were started with a non-open end time (customer request).
Bug fixes related to ActiveSync synchronization
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, activities that have one of the two flags set are not updated in TimePanic for Windows although they have been synchronized correctly.
  • Fixed: If you hide, show, create or delete panes in the day view while the Pocket PC is disconnected, these changes are not automatically synchronized after reconnecting your Pocket PC. You have to save your changes again after reconnecting the Pocket PC.
  • Build 259 fixes the following problem: In one instance, a customer reported that TimePanic always crashes during start-up one day after having upgraded from version 3.0 to version 3.1.


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TimePanic 3.1 for Windows

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