Whats new in TimePanic 3.3 for Windows?

TimePanic 3.3 for Windows contains a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Major Improvements
  • Flags can now be modified in all activities or days of a report in one go (customer request).
  • Activities can now be modified in the report view (customer request).
Minor Improvements
  • The dialogs Manage Work Types, Manage Projects, Manage Persons and Manage Collaboration Types have been redesigned to prepare them for more future features: They now have a main menu and toolbars like a main window. Two minor improvements have been implemented:
    • The new filter toolbar simplifies the search for elements (customer request).
    • The (non-deletable) system work types can now be hidden in the Manage Work Types dialog (customer request).
  • Activities in the report view can now be easily opened in the day view by means of a new command (customer request).
  • The first day of the week can now be customized (customer request).
  • Activity titles can now be used as filter criteria (customer request).
  • The report generator now takes into account unsaved data from the day view. It is no longer necessary to save your changes in the day view to create up-to-date reports.
  • Placeholders can now also be used in the file names of the Save tab. Furthermore, new placeholders have been added such as the week number (customer request) and the list of the selected projects (customer request).
  • In the registered version, the welcome screen now has an Exit button along with the Continue button (customer request).
Dropped Features
  • The following menu items are no longer available in new installations: Compact View of Current Day and the three Evaluation By functions. They have long been superseded by the possibility to create custom reports. In the new version, these functions are available as new sample reports in the report view. When upgrading an existing TimePanic installation, these menu items remain available. To make these menu items visible in new installations, remove the HideLegacyReports setting from the TipPreferences.ini configuration file.
Changed features
  • If the Make Close button minimize the application option is enabled, the Minimize button now keeps it standard function (minimize to task bar instead of minimize to notification area).
Changed features for better Windows Vista support
  • The Enable ActiveSync support check box now requires administrative permissions.
  • The demo data are now installed to the Application Data folder instead of to the Program Files folder so that they can be modified without administrative permissions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the planned breaks feature created activities with the same internal id, which would result in confusing effects. For example, the end time of the last activity could not be cleared any more. Also, ActiveSync synchronization did not work for such activities (customer request).
  • Fixed: The Automatically save all changes option could cause TimePanic to crash when another user created or modified work types, projects or persons (customer request).
  • Fixed: When a report was saved using the Save As command, the new file name was remembered for the current session. As a result, the saved report could be inadvertently overwritten in subsequent save operations. The new file name is now reset when you navigate to the previous or next report (customer request).
  • Improved: The Automatically save all changes option slows down TimePanic considerably when the data are located on a network share (customer request).
  • Fixed: In the print view (not in the data view), saving a report to a network share sometimes failed due to permission problems (customer request).
  • Fixed: Sorting by start time or end time did not work in the report view. Sorting was not functional in the Cell Details view.


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TimePanic 3.3 for Windows

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