Whats new in TimePanic 3.4 for Windows?

TimePanic 3.4 for Windows introduces new features, improves usability and, above all, improves administrability.

New Features
  • The new reminder feature automatically opens dialogs to remind the user to check the status of the time sheet in the day view (customer request). There are two types of reminders: The first type opens the reminder window in regular intervals. The second type opens the reminder dialog after a longer period of user inactivity (automatic pause detection).
  • TimePanic now supports user-defined keyboard shortcuts that can be used even if TimePanic is running in the background and another application is active (customer request).
Minor Improvements
  • Saving an empty day view now deletes the day file instead of creating an empty file (customer request).
  • The menu "File/Recent Days" now displays dates instead of file names (customer request).
  • A new command allows you to edit the comment of the last activity in the day view (customer request).
  • The chargeability of activities is now available as a report column (customer request).
  • The new report option "ignore days after today" stops the report generator when it reaches the current day (customer request).
Administrative improvements
  • Previous versions of TimePanic (except for "TimePanic for USB Drives") stored user preferences (such as the settings of the "Options" dialog) in two locations: Some of the settings were stored in the "TipPreferences.ini" file, and the others were stored in the Windows registry. The new version stores all user preferences in the new "TipPreferences.xml" file. The (rather involved) upgrade is performed automatically and unnoticed by the user when the new version is started for the first time and is possible from any previous version. This change offers the following benefits:
    • It is now possible to switch from "TimePanic for Windows" to "TimePanic for USB Drives" (and vice versa) without losing user preferences.
    • Backups now include all user preferences, provided the "TipPreferences.xml" file is part of the backup.
    • The "TipPreferences.xml" file is handled more efficiently: Saving this file is faster, and the file is left unchanged if no preferences have been changed. (However, the user preferences are changed very often since they also contain the list of recently opened day files.)
    • It is now possible to use Unicode characters for flag names.
  • Although this is not recommended, it is now possible to move the installation folder of "TimePanic for Windows" to another computer without reinstalling the software. In other words, TimePanic continues to work even if its DLL files have not been registered by the setup program.
  • If one of the TimePanic directories is unavailable during startup, a new dialog assists you in resolving the problem (customer request). Also, the startup of TimePanic can now be delayed by means of the /ds command line parameter (customer request).
  • The new /at command line parameter allows to specify the title of the main window (customer request).
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: When the activities of an unsaved day appeared in a report, their dates were displayed as 1899 (customer request).
  • Fixed: Some menu items displayed random "phantom" texts in the status bar when selected (customer request).
  • Fixed: In case of multiple selection, the "Public Holidays" tab (visibly) changed all selected days even if the check box was in intermediate state (customer request).
  • Fixed: Under Windows Vista, using the "Customize Panes" function caused TimePanic to crash in some cases (customer request).
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, when waking your computer from hibernation or stand by, automatic activities were inserted several times (customer request).
Bug fixes related to ActiveSync synchronization
  • Fixed: After using the "Customize Panes" dialog, the TimePanic ActiveSync module crashed under certain circumstances.

Build 409 fixes the following problems:

  • Fixed: Very long activity comments could cause TimePanic to crash (customer request).
  • Fixed: It was not possible to disable the "Automatically optimize column widths" setting. The change was lost when TimePanic was closed (customer request).
  • Fixed: During startup, "TimePanic for USB Drives" checked the standard folders of "TimePanic for Windows" for files to upgrade, which prevented the coexistence of both products on the same computer (customer request).

Build 410 fixes the following problem:

  • Fixed: In some time zones, activities created on the Pocket PC were synchronized to the PC for the previous day (customer request).


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TimePanic 3.4 for Windows

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