Whats new in TimePanic 3.5 for Windows?

TimePanic 3.5 for Windows introduces new features and improves usability.

New Features
  • TimePanic now supports sub-projects (customer request):
    • The "Manage Projects" window now has two views, a list view (as in previous versions) and the new tree view. The tree view allows to create and move sub-projects.
    • The "Activity Filter" tab of the report wizard now supports two selection modes for selecting projects: Projects can be selected one by one or including all sub-projects. The second (new) selection mode lets you create reports that contain a list of projects that include the times of the sub-projects without showing the sub-projets.
    • The day view and the report view have new columns for the root projects. Root projects can be used to represent your customers.
    • Projects created with previous TimePanic versions can be converted to sub-projects by means of a special tool. This tool is useful if you want to convert many projects in one go.
Major Improvements
  • The FAQ has been revised and updated.
  • Projects can now be imported from a text file (customer request).
Minor Improvements
  • Reports can now be grouped by activity titles (customer request).
  • Empty days can now be skipped by the report navigation feature (customer request).
  • In previous versions, the name of the current project was always added automatically to the title of a new activity started by means of a favorite activity. This function can now be disabled.
  • A new option immediately saves automatic activities created during startup.
  • The default names of several report columns have been simplified. For example, the column name "Project Name (Activity Group)" has been changed to "Project Name". (Note that the user can change the default names.)
  • The options tab "Breaks" has been converted to a sub-dialog of the options tab "Automatic activities", and the two tabs "Save" and "Activities" have been merged into the new tab "Automatic Operations". These changes eliminate 2 of the 11 option tabs (without losing any functionality) and thereby reduce the complexity of the "Options" dialog for novice users.
  • Printing in the report view can now be started by pressing Ctrl+P (customer request).
  • A warning is now displayed when you try to change the name of a system-defined work type (customer request).
  • Placeholders can now also be used in the title and the comment of favorite activities (customer request).
  • Windows Vista 64-Bit is now supported (customer request). (As for Windows XP 64-bit: Running TimePanic on this operating system is currently not supported but probably possible.)
Administrative improvements
  • In previous versions, log files could only be created with "TimePanic for Windows and Pocket PC". As of this versions, log files are possible in all TimePanic editions.
  • The usability of the "Enter License Key" dialog has been improved (customer request).
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: Certain user settings (such as the visibility of the start screen) were not saved at the end of the Windows session when TimePanic was running in the notification area (customer request).
  • Fixed: When the computer was waked from hibernation or standby, the reminder dialog appeared even if automatic activities made it unnecessary (customer request). Now the reminder dialog is blocked if automatic activities are created anyway.
  • Fixed: In case a previous day was currently open, the reminder feature did not open the current day before creating its activities (customer request).
  • Fixed: The "Copy" command for favorite activities did not take into account the current project.
  • Fixed: If you change the start time of an activity in a way that results in a negative duration of a previous activity, a warning is displayed. This warning had a tendency to appear several times in a row (customer request).
  • Fixed: If one of the TimePanic directories was write protected, TimePanic was closed without offering the possibility to change the directories (customer request).
  • Fixed: TimePanic did not work with with time separators in the regional options other than ":" (customer request).
  • Fixed: In certain reports, leave days were displayed with the year 1899 (customer request).
Bug fixes

Build 479 fixes the following problem:

  • Fixed: Grouping reports by cost center did not work (customer request).


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TimePanic 3.5 for Windows

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