Whats new in TimePanic 4.0 for Windows?

TimePanic 4.0 for Windows focuses on further improving usability.

Major Improvements
  • Activities no longer have to be contiguous (customer request).
  • In-place editing of activities is now possible in the day view (customer request). If you do not like in-place editing, you can turn it off in the options.
  • The main window has a third toolbar that adjusts itself depending on whether you are in the day view, the year view or the report view. This new toolbar makes some of the already existing features more easily accessible (customer request).
  • A new report wizard page lets you create reports based on a selection of simple examples. This simplifies the use of the report wizard (customer request).
  • The TimePanic user interface now follows the color scheme of Microsoft Office 2007. You can choose between blue, silver and black.
Minor Improvements
  • The usability of the side pane has been improved:
    • The side pane can now be hidden (customer request).
    • The order of the side pane tabs can now be changed by drag & drop.
    • Side pane tabs now have a context menu, which makes some of the already existing functions easier to discover (such as enabling the current project feature).
    • Favorites can also be renamed via the context menu.
    • It is now possible to insert divider lines (customer request).
  • Many TimePanic messages now contain a Do not ask again check box. In particular, the "Save changes?" message is now easier to disable (customer request).
  • The option Show information texts no longer requires the restart of the application.
  • The report option Group activities by titles can now be combined with other grouping options (customer request).
  • Placeholders for favorite activities and for reports are now easier to use because they can be inserted by means of new arrow buttons (e.g. on the Save tab of reports).
  • In TimePanic 3.5, the only way to create reports that showed projects without their sub-projects was to specify an activity filter that used the second selection mode. As of this version, hiding sub-projects is an independant option (customer request).
  • If you create activities with zero duration and if there is a high probability that this was not your intention, a warning is now displayed (customer request).
  • Planned breaks can now be disabled temporarily for the current session (customer request).
  • When sidegrading from TimePanic 4.0 for Windows to TimePanic 4.0 for USB, absolute files paths in favorite reports are now automatically replaced by relative paths (customer request).
  • New commands have been added to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, for example Replace (customer request).
  • The Choose Columns dialog in the day view is now resizable.
  • When you create a new child project, its cost center is now initialized with the parent project's cost center (customer request).
  • A new report column is available: day of the week (customer request). For reports grouped by days only, three new columns are available: start time of first activity, end time of last activity, non chargeable hours (customer request).
  • The report option Include days off as special work types has been moved from the Options tab to the Structure tab to make it easier to understand.
  • The new report option Show days off and empty days was implicitly activated in the previous version.
  • The year view now allows entering day comments (customer request).
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: The Structure tab of the report properties tended to make previously hidden report fields visible again even if nothing was changed (customer request).
  • Fixed: Some rarely used types of reports caused TimePanic to crash.
  • Fixed: Several (invisible) formatting problems in HTML reports have been corrected.
  • Fixed: For reports grouped by cost center, sorting by cost center did not work (customer request).
  • Fixed: The keyboard shortcuts F11 and F12 for settings flags in the year view did not work. They have been changed to F9 and F10, respectively.
  • Fixed: Entering 8.2 on the Working Hours tab did not work properly (customer request). Internally, this input was converted to 491 minutes instead of 492.
  • Fixed: Days containing data are no longer displayed in bold in the day view calendar when navigating via the calendar caption (customer request).
  • Fixed: Some menu items displayed random "phantom" texts in the status bar when selected (customer request).
Bug fixes related to ActiveSync synchronization
  • Fixed: After a daylight saving time clock change, activities created on the mobile device before the clock change were synchronized to the PC one hour off (customer request).


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TimePanic 4.0 for Windows

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