Whats new in TimePanic 4.6 for Windows?

TimePanic 4.6 for Windows offers an improved setup and now allows creating custom collaboration types.

Major improvements
  • Collaboration types can now be created, modified and deleted (customer request).
  • The setup program has been rewritten and offers the following improvements:
    • The location of the time tracking data can be specified during setup (customer request).
    • The license key can be entered during setup (customer request).
    • TimePanic now supports silent installations (customer request).
    • Patches (newer builds of the same version) can now be applied without uninstalling the previous version first (customer request).
Minor improvements
  • The setup now supports a per-user installation into the user-specific application folder. In previous versions, TimePanic was always installed to the program files folder.
  • The data API, a C#-based programming interface, is now included as an optional component. If you select this component in the setup wizard, you will find it in the installation folder as a file named API\tipapi.zip.
  • The demo data have been updated to represent a more recent year.
Bug fixes
  • Changing the selected columns in the export wizard did not work (customer request).
  • During uninstall, the window that prompts you for deletion of your time tracking data no longer appears in the background.
  • The keyboard shortcut to show the main window only worked when the day view was active (customer request).

Build 809 improves usability of in-place editing of activities:

  • To create a new project, work type or collaboration type, it now suffices to type its name directly into an activity of the day view (customer request).
  • Editing the title of an activity now offers a list of recently used titles.

Build 813 fixes a bug and improves the color scheme:

  • The application crashes on some systems when using in-place editing of activities (customer request).
  • The color scheme (blue, silver or black) is now also applied inside dialogs. This can be disabled in the options.

Build 823 fixes a bug and improves usability:

  • Fixed: Grouping by projects did not work correctly in build 813 (customer request).
  • Improved: It is now easier to move the reminder windows to the corner of the screen: Dragging a reminder window (or the main window) close to the edges of the screen will make it snap automatically to the edges.
  • Simplified: The two report tabs Flag Filters and Activitiy Filters have been replaced by the new Filters tab. This will also make it easier to add more types of filters in future versions.

Build 832 improves usability:

  • Usability: To the right of the current project drop-down list you will now find a button for opening the Manage Projects window (customer request).
  • Usability: The status bar of the day view now shows the sum of the selected activities. Previously, the selection was not taken into account (customer request).
  • Usability: It is now possible to delete entries from the the drop-down list of recently used activity titles in the day view using the DEL key, but only after having selected an item using the arrow keys (customer request).
  • Downgrade: TimePanic is now able to warn the user if he tries to load report definitions created with a newer and incompatible version of TimePanic.

Build 846 fixes bugs and improves usability:

  • Fixed: As a result of introducing enhanced in-place editing of activities in build 809, the mouse wheel no longer worked in the drop-down lists (customer request).
  • Fixed: Automatic reloading of favorite activities changed by TimePanic Sync did not work any more.
  • Simplified: The Directories tab has been redesigned to make it easier to use for new users. The previous version it still available by clicking on avanced settings.
  • Usability: The two new functions Export to File and Import from File in the report view make it easier for users to exchange favorite reports (customer request).

Build 852 improves usability:

  • Usability: The automatic start of TimePanic can now be disabled in the options (customer request).

Build 854 fixes bugs:

  • Fixed: Titles and comments were converted to upper case in reports if filters were applied to them (customer request).
  • Fixed: The specified start and end date in a search was ignored under certain circumstances (customer request).

Build 865 fixes bugs and improves usability of the side pane:

  • Usability: Renaming of items in the side panel can now be cancelled with the ESC key (customer request).
  • Usability: In previous versions, it was not possible to delete the last favorite activity or report in a side pane tab. This limitation has been lifted (customer request).
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, the year view and the calendar in the day view had font scaling problems (customer request).
  • Fixed: The action Finalize Last Activity in the notification area menu only worked if the day view was active.
  • Fixed: Empty reports contained a single empty entry (rather than no entry) under certain circumstances.
  • Dropped features: The commands New from Selected Activity and New from Current Report have been removed.

Build 879 fixes bugs and improves usability:

  • Fixed: Sorting reports cleared all selections (customer request).
  • Fixed: Hiding toolbars is no longer possible in dialogs where there is no way to make them visible again (customer request).
  • Fixed: Searching for activities in the day view and the year view did not work any more (customer request).
  • Fixed: The setting Use formats from the global options dialog was not saved (customer request).
  • Usability: Ctrl+A now selects all activities in the day view.
  • Usability: In-place creation of new projects, work types and collaboration types can now be disabled (customer request).
  • Usability: Limiting the duration displayed in the status bar to the selected activities can now be disabled (customer request).
  • Internal changes: New build computer, new version of Visual Studio, new version of external UI library.
  • The TimePanic data API has been updated to Visual Studio Community 2013.

Build 884 fixes bugs:

  • Fixed: On high DPI screens, the reminder dialogs did not display correctly and were unusable (customer request).
  • Fixed: Changing activities in a multi-user report did not work (customer request).
  • Fixed: Since build 879, copy & paste of reports was incomplete: the selected columns were missing (customer request).
  • Fixed: Since build 879, inverting flag filters in reports did not work any more (customer request).


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