Whats new in TimePanic 5.1 for Windows?

The user interface of TimePanic 5.1 for Windows is now compatible with high resolution displays.

Notes for users of version 4.6 or earlier
  • Chargeable upgrade: Please note that an upgrade license key is required when upgrading from version 4.6 or earlier. Upgrading from version 5.0 is free of charge.
  • No forward compatibility: Please note that TimePanic 5.0/5.1 stores its data in a format that is incompatible with version 4.6 or earlier. Your data will be upgraded automatically when starting the new version. But you cannot go back. In other words, once you have started the new version, you cannot uninstall TimePanic and reinstall your previous version. Also, you cannot share your data with other users who continue to use a version of TimePanic earlier than version 5.0.
Major improvements

TimePanic is now compatible with higher DPI settings, greater than 100%. The DPI setting (dots per inch) is a display parameter you can change in the Windows Control Panel. In particular, TimePanic is now compatible with 4K monitors, for which the DPI setting is typically set to 200% for normal readability.

TimePanic now includes large versions of all icons. This is how the icons are used at different DPI settings:

  • 100%: The old icons are used.
  • 200%: The new large icons are used. On a 4K monitor, these icons have the same size as on a regular monitor but look twice as sharp.
  • Other settings: The icons are scaled to match the required DPI setting. Scaled icons are less sharp than the original icons.

Build 1024 fixes a bug:

  • Fixed: The in-place drop-down lists in the day view were not keyboard-usable  anymore. This problem was introduced in version 5.1 (customer request).


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TimePanic 5.1 for Windows

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