Whats new in TimePanic 1.2 for Pocket PC?

TimePanic 1.2 for Pocket PC brings a number of small usability improvements and bug fixes.

Minor Improvements
  • The user interface has been improved with new icons.
  • Two new options are available concerning the behavior of activities (customer request).
  • Windows Mobile 2005 is now supported.
Bug Fixes
  • Partially fixed: When you create a new work type in TimePanic for Windows while the Pocket PC is connected, the activity that uses this work type is synchronized as a non-chargeable activity (green), although you defined the work type as chargeable (customer request). This problem has been alleviated by synchronizing activities with new work types as chargeable (instead of as non-chargeable) by default. Most work types are chargeable, so that this problem now only occurs with new non-chargeable activites. The problem will be fully solved in a future version that supports synchronization of work types and projects. For the time being, we recommend to disconnect your Pocket PC while creating new work types in TimePanic for Windows to be on the safe side.
  • Fixed: Under special circumstances, changes to existing activities correctly synchronized to the Pocket PC are incompletely updated in the TimePanic main window.


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TimePanic 1.2 for Pocket PC

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