Whats new in TimePanic 2.0 for Pocket PC?

TimePanic 2.0 for Pocket PC introduces new features and a couple of usability improvements.

New Features
  • Work types, projects, collaboration types and persons are now synchronized between TimePanic for Windows and TimePanic for Pocket PC (customer request).
  • It is possible to create, modify and delete work types, projects and persons on the Pocket PC and to select them in the Properties dialog of activities (customer request).
  • Favorite activities can be created, modified and deleted on the Pocket PC, and they are synchronized with TimePanic for Windows (customer request).
Minor Improvements
  • Activity flags can now be displayed and modified on the Pocket PC (customer request).
  • It is now possible to insert new activities (customer request).
  • The column widths in the main window can now be adjusted automatically.
  • The tap & hold behavior has been improved (customer request) and rotating the screen no longer requires you to restart TimePanic.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: When working after midnight, TimePanic would sometimes not let you modify the start and times of an activity. It would display the (wrong) message "The specified start time/end time is invalid." (customer request).


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TimePanic 2.0 for Pocket PC

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