Whats new in TimePanic 2.3 for Pocket PC?

TimePanic 2.3 for Pocket PC keeps the Pocket PC version of TimePanic up to date with the Windows version.

New Features
  • TimePanic now supports sub-projects (customer request).
    • The "Manage Projects" window now has two views, a list view (as in previous versions) and the new tree view. The tree view allows to create sub-projects.
    • The day view has new columns for the root projects. Root projects can be used to represent your customers.
Minor improvements
  • Favorite activities now allow to use placeholders (customer request).
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: The command "Split & Insert New Activity" did not work properly for previous days. The inserted activity was added to the current day instead of the previous day (customer request).


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TimePanic 2.3 for Pocket PC

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