Whats new in TimePanic 2.4 for Pocket PC?

TimePanic 2.4 for Pocket PC keeps the Pocket PC version of TimePanic up to date with the Windows version.

New Features
  • The current project, a feature of TimePanic for Windows, is now also available in the mobile version of TimePanic (customer request).
Major improvements
  • Activities no longer have to be contiguous (customer request).
  • The toolbar can now be customized, thereby making further functions (such Copy and Paste) accessible from the toolbar (customer request).
Minor improvements
  • The toolbars in dialogs such as Manage Projects have been enlarged and now contain more icons. This has been achieved by changing the menu structure.
Dropped Features
  • For technical reasons, Pocket PC 2002 cannot be supported any more.


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TimePanic 2.4 for Pocket PC

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