Whats new in TimePanic FE 4.3 for Windows?

TimePanic FE 4.3 for Windows adds little usability enhancements here and there.

Minor improvements
  • The report tab Date now has a Today button (customer request).
  • The color scheme of Microsoft Office 2007 can now be disabled (customer request).
Changed features
  • Rounding of times (imposed by the selected duration format) is now applied more transparently and consistently in TimePanic reports (customer request). In previous versions, the moment at which the report generator applied rounding depended on the structure of the report. The purpose of this variability was to minimize the impact of systematic rounding errors. On the downside, it was not always possible to avoid inconsistencies in the way totals and subtotals were calculated. The use of report options could exacerbate inconsistencies related to rounding. As of this version, rounding is applied unconditionally to each individual activity (= early rounding). While this will increase the systematic rounding error in many reports, it will make the effect of rounding more understandable and predictable. If you want to minimize the systematic rounding error, you can use the report option automatically compensate for rounding errors. Click here for more information on rounding.
  • To avoid rounding errors, the minimal decimal resolution of the duration format has been changed from 0.01 to 0.05.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: If the date format of a report in a matrix mode did not contain the year, the corresponding dates in different years were undesirably grouped together (customer request).
  • Fixed: If you use the cross symbol in the upper right corner to close complex dialogs such as the Manage Projects window, you are now warned that this will discard your changes (customer request).
  • Fixed: When in-place editing of activities is enabled, the first character is not lost any more when typing a comment (customer request).
  • Fixed: The Replace function always adjusted the times, even if automatic time adjustment was off.


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TimePanic FE 4.3 for Windows

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