Whats new in TimePanic FE 4.4 for Windows?

TimePanic FE 4.4 for Windows adds little usability enhancements here and there.

Changed features
  • The minimal decimal resolution of the duration format has been changed back from 0.05 to 0.01 (customer request).
  • The option automatically compensate for rounding errors is now enabled by default in new reports. It is now also available in TimePanic FE (the freeware edition).
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: In some types of reports, sorting did not work properly (customer request).
  • Fixed: Copying days in the year view did not work properly for days that extended beyond midnight.
  • Fixed: Grouping activities by quarters and half years did not work properly in matrix mode.
  • Fixed: The command Flag Activities of the Report did not work (customer request).

Build 655 brings the following bug fixes and new functions:

  • New: A new function in the day view allows to select, as start time or end time of an activity, the computer start time (customer request). For users without Windows domain, the user's login time can also be selected.
  • New: For the first activity of a day, a lead time can be specified (customer request).
  • Fixed: When waking your computer from hibernation or stand by, the keyboard shortcuts did not work any more (customer request).
  • Fixed: The Colors tab in the year view was always empty.
  • New: The Replace command now supports multiple selection.
  • New: The notification area menu now includes the command Finalize Last Activity (customer request).

Build 660 brings the following bug fixes and new functions:

  • Fixed: The placeholder menu Today's Date inserted the wrong place holder (customer request). This only applied to the English version.
  • New: Favorite activities can be sorted (customer request).


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TimePanic FE 4.4 for Windows

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