A Selection of other Screenshots

The following selection of screenshots highlights some of the most interesting features of our time management software.

Controlling TimePanic when minimized
Minimize our time management software to the system tray.

When TimePanic is minimized to the notification area (also known as the system tray), you can still start your favorite tasks using the context menu of the tray icon. The screenshot to the left shows TimePanic in a state where the Development task is running and where the user is about to switch to the Department Meeting task (which is unlikely to be one of his real favorite tasks).

Changing formats
Changing output format in our time management software.

The format used to output your working times on the screen or in reports can be customized with this carefully designed dialog. Many people like the decimal format (e.g. 5.75 h), which is no problem for TimePanic. By the way, the formats of date and time can also be configured.

Calculating overtime
Calculating overtime with our time management software.

Calculating your overtime? A piece of cake for TimePanic users! Switch to the year view and select any number of days or months. The properties dialog calculates your overtime for the selected days or months, based on your planned working hours, your public holidays and your leave days.

Report wizard
Time management software report wizard.

The options tab of the report wizard has some inconspicuous but clever options for optimizing your reports. Lets have a closer look at the fifth one, which is always used in conjunction with the forth one: When it is activated, all tasks without a project assigned are left out from the report, but their working times are not. Instead, they are distributed among the other tasks according to their percentage of the total duration. This option is useful if you want to avoid reports that give rise to questions about working times that are difficult to account for.

Sample report
Time management software sample report.

TimePanic allows its user to create all sorts of reports. This is an example of a clear and concise summary of the working week.

Quality of working time
Calculate quality of working time - increase personal productivity.

This is a sophisticated feature for advanced users: TimePanic can measure the quality of your working time according to Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. Read more about it in the user's guide if you want to increase your personal productivity.

Use of colors to display overtime
Display overtime with our time management software.

One of TimePanics coolest features: In this year view, overtime days are painted in shades of red (darker shades indicate more overtime). Undertime days are painted in shades of green (darker shades indicated more undertime). The more the color approaches white, the closer a day approaches the planned working time.

Custom flags
Time management software custom flags.

TimePanic comes with a set of custom flags that can be freely named and that are used to indicate the status of activities or days. The screenshot shows one of the two activity flags in the day view.

Automatic initial task after start-up
Start every day with your favourite task - increase personal productivity.

You can configure TimePanic to automatically start every working day with one of your favorite tasks. I remember someone saying that reading e-mails is an ineffective way to start your working day. If I recall correctly, I read this in an e-mail early in the morning.

Display of current working time
Display current working time with our time management software.

When TimePanic is minimized to the Windows task bar, your current working time is displayed in the task bar icon - excluding your non-chargeable tasks, of course.

Display current working time with our time management software.

When minimized to the Windows notification area (system tray), your current working time and your current task are displayed in the tooltip of the tray icon (the tiny yellow window).

Search and filter functions
Time management software search and filter functions.

This filter dialog is available both for searching and for creating reports. For example, if you want to narrow a report down to two of the three projects you are currently working on, then this is your tool.

Let TimePanic put you back in control of your working and private life. Download our free 30 day evaluation version for yourself, and see what the software can do for you.


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