Whats new in TimePanic 3.2 for Windows?

TimePanic 3.2 for Windows is a maintenance release. All major changes are found in TimePanic 2.0 for Pocket PC.

Minor Improvements
  • Activity comments are no longer truncated to 260 characters in the print view (customer request).
  • TimePanic now installs and runs under Windows Vista.
  • A new sample report has been added to the report view: "Today: Like Day View". It creates a report that corresponds to the day view (customer request). This new sample report only appears in new installations.
  • The Working Hours tab now accepts input to the precision of 0.05 hours instead of 0.1 hours (customer request).
Bug fixes related to ActiveSync synchronization
  • Fixed: Some of the TimePanic configuration files contained absolute file paths and caused Pocket PC synchronization to fail after the user had moved his/her TimePanic files to a different location (customer request).
  • Fixed: In rare cases, activities created on the Pocket PC are synchronized to the Windows computer in the wrong (non chronological) order.
  • Build 303 fixes the following problem: The print view causes TimePanic to crash under certain circumstances (customer request).


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TimePanic 3.2 for Windows

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