Do these activity logging problems sound familiar?
  • You have no idea how long it will take you to finish your current project - your work is too chaotic and you don't know how to keep track of everything.
  • You think you've spent too long on a certain project, but it's hard to tell - you're working on several things at once and find it tricky to log each one separately.
  • You've been working overtime lately, but you don't know exactly how much.

The busier you are, the more important it is to keep track of your different activities. If you work from home, an activity log can be an invaluable way of ensuring that you're making the most of your time. If your workplace is an office, activity log software can help you find out how much time you spend on different projects - even if you're constantly interrupted by phone calls or colleagues. TimePanic is the activity log software that enables you take control of your time, helping you become more organized and more productive.

This award-winning application makes it easy to log the time you spend in front of the computer, and could help you discover some interesting facts about your working day. Do you think that you spent four hours working on a certain project today? What about when your co-worker popped in for a quick chat about tomorrow's staff meeting? And how long did that phone call from a client really take? With our activity log software, you can configure toolbar buttons that you click whenever you're interrupted. When you return to your main task, you simply click resume.


This enables you to log your activities much more accurately - something that is also a great help if you're working from home and charging by the hour.

Some of the features of our activity log software:
  • Automatic logging of start time and end time.
  • Continuous display of your current working time in the task bar.
  • Automatic opening of the current day protocol after restart.
  • Commenting and categorization of jobs by project, type and teamwork.
  • Easy differentiation between chargeable and non-chargeable tasks.
  • Specification of planned working hours and planned breaks.
  • Calculation of overtime.
  • Reports.
  • More features

If you're busy at work, don't panic - log time with TimePanic!
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Countless people all over the world use TimePanic to log their activities. Here's what one of them said:

Good Morning! I'm using a trial version of TimePanic right now, and LOVING it. I work in a consulting firm, where all my time must be billed, so I have to keep perfect track of it, which I don't on my own! TimePanic is making it SO easy for me to stay on top of time tracking.

Jennifer Bjerland, Kitchener,


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