Are you looking for a time management system that can help you track time both in and out of the office? TimePanic is the solution - with the new Pocket PC edition, you can manage your time wherever you are.

TimePanic is the award-winning time management software that enables you to keep track of your working time. The Windows version is ideal for keeping track of a variety of different projects while you're at your desk. Even if you're constantly interrupted by phone calls or colleagues, TimePanic will tell you exactly how much time you've spent on a particular project. Your current working time is always displayed in the task bar, giving you a good idea of where you're at.

TimePanic for Pocket PC is ideal for time management in a variety of scenarios. Let's say that you use TimePanic for Windows in the office during the day.

Before you leave, you synchronize and take your Pocket PC home with you. In the evening, you do some extra work at home, and use TimePanic on your Pocket PC to track that time. The next morning, you synchronize as you return to the office, and switch back to using the Windows version of our time management software.

Using time management software on your Pocket PC is also great for those of you who spend a lot of time working out of the office - at meetings, on the train, at the customer site and so on. Once a week, you synchronize your Pocket PC version of TimePanic with the Windows version at your office, thereby ensuring that you keep track of every hour that you've worked.

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