Most people want to be more efficient and productive at work. Produce more results, better results, faster results. Unfortunately, many of us believe that this has to involve spending more time at work. But that doesn't have to be the case. With TimePanic, you can work smarter, not harder - avoiding overtime and long evenings spent at your desk, but still producing the results that you want.

TimePanic is the time tracking tool that keeps track of your working hours, recording how much time you spend on each task. Working smarter not harder means that you need to take charge of your time. You may think that you spent three solid hours working on your latest project. But didn't your colleague pop in for a quick chat about the meeting you're having tomorrow? And how long did that phone call from a client really take? With TimePanic, you can configure toolbar buttons that you click whenever you're interrupted. When you return to your main task, you simply click resume. This enables you to track your time much more accurately, which is essential when you want to work smarter. You need to study your working habits in detail, because this is the only way to discover what you need to change.

Some of the TimePanic features that can help you work smarter, not harder:

  • Automatic logging of start time and end time.
  • Continuous display of your current working time in the task bar.
  • Commenting and categorization of jobs by project, type and teamwork.
  • Easy differentiation between chargeable and non-chargeable tasks.
  • Tracking of public holidays and days off (annual leave, sick leave, flextime).
  • Specification of planned working hours and planned breaks.
  • Calculation of overtime.

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People all over the world use TimePanic to work smarter. Here's one of the comments we've received:

I bought TimePanic about one year ago and I've been using it since then, it's really great! I'm doing marketing for several brands and projects, and as the program allows me to create new projects and tasks, I can track exactly the time I spend on each one of them. This is surely not a tool for IT only.

Marie-Hélène Dibenedetto, Brussels/Belgium

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This software is ideal for anyone who charges by the hour - TimePanic architects, designers and lawyers work smarter, not harder!

Anyone who works from home could benefit from TimePanic- it can help you take control of your time and work smarter, not harder!

Work smarter, not harder!

Time tracking software - keep track of time with TimePanic!