TimePanic is the time tracking program that is ideal for anyone who wants to track the amount of time they spend at their computer. If you want to stay on top of your deadlines, become more productive, discover if certain projects are more time consuming than you thought or simply take control of your time, this daily time tracking solution is exactly what you're looking for.

TimePanic is ideal for two different groups of people - those who want to track their time in order to improve the quality of their work, and those who charge by the hour and need a reliable time tracking tool. Let's see how this time tracking program can help both groups:

Time tracking to increase productivity

Many people use this time tracking tool to learn more about their own working habits and become more productive. TimePanic keeps track of your working hours and lets you know how much time you spend on every task. By using this tool for your daily time tracking you will be able to look back on your day and study it in detail. How often were you interrupted by colleagues or phone calls? How much time did you spend in meetings? How long did you spend actively working on that important project?

Time tracking is always the first step when you want to become more productive, because it is only by acknowledging your problems that you can hope to overcome them.

Time tracking for those who charge by the hour

A lot of people charge for their time. Freelancers, software developers, consultants and designers are among those who need to be able to account for the time they spend on a project. In order to do that, they need a solid, reliable time tracking tool. Because of its multitude of useful features, TimePanic is the ideal choice. With this time tracking solution, you can easily keep track of a number of different projects at the same time. You can also differentiate between chargeable and non-chargeable tasks, and keep track of planned breaks and calculate overtime.

Track time with TimePanic! Download our free 30 day evaluation version, and see what our time tracking software can do for you.

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Time tracking with TimePanic helps you calculate the quality of your working time.

People all over the world use TimePanic to track time. Here's one of the comments we've received:

Good Morning! I'm using a trial version of TimePanic right now, and LOVING it. I work in a consulting firm, where all my time must be billed, so I have to keep perfect track of it, which I don't on my own! TimePanic is making it SO easy for me to stay on top of time tracking.

Jennifer Bjerland, Kitchener, Ontario/Canada

One of the unique features of this time tracking tool is that it can calculate the quality of your working time! For more screenshots, please click here.

Daily time tracking tool

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