When you're working out of the office, a Pocket PC can be a very useful thing indeed. Essentially, it's like taking the office with you. You can access addresses, phone numbers, documents and important information wherever you are. You can take care of business whether you're stuck in traffic, in a conference room, or in a hotel room on the other side of the world. Because of this, it makes sense to behave as you would in your office whenever you're using your Pocket PC, and this includes time tracking.

Time tracking is every bit as important when you're away from the office as it is when you're sitting at your desk - perhaps even more so. When you're in and out of meetings, running between different appointments, and perhaps answering phone calls in between, it can be very difficult to look back and say how much time you spent on each task. But with Time Panic for Pocket PC, you can rest assured that you will be able to stay on top of your time tracking.

TimePanic is an award-winning time tracking tool that makes it easy to manage a wide variety of different projects, whether you're at your desk or out of the office.

The Windows version (included in the Pocket PC version) will keep track of all the work you do in the office, and the Pocket PC version will handle your time tracking when you're out and about. Together, they will help you become more productive, as you will be able to look back at your working day and identify possible problem areas that need to be addressed.

Time Panic is also ideal for those of you who tend to bring work home with you from the office. During the day, you use TimePanic for Windows. Before you leave, you synchronize and take your Pocket PC home with you. In the evening, you do some extra work at home, and use TimePanic on your Pocket PC to track that time. The next morning, you synchronize as you return to the office, and switch back to using the Windows version of our time tracking tool.

Make sure you benefit fully from your Pocket PC - track the time you spend on it with Time Panic.

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Time Tracking for Pocket PC

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