Want to know how many overtime days you've worked? Need to calculate your overtime hours to ensure you get paid the right amount? TimePanic can help you!

Overtime is defined as all hours that you work in addition to your regular working hours. Usually, you will receive additional payment for your overtime work, so unless you're feeling particularly charitable towards your boss it is important to keep track of it!

Keeping track of and calculating your overtime hours can be tricky if you're working in an office.

Can you remember what time you finished work on Monday? Was it half an hour later than usual, or forty-five minutes? With TimePanic, you can stop guessing and start calculating - because this time tracking application knows exactly how much you've worked, every day! This award-winning tool lets you keep track of the working hours you spend at your computer. Even if you're constantly interrupted by colleagues and phone calls, TimePanic will make sense of the chaos, and remember every second, minute and hour that you might otherwise forget.


Calculating overtime with TimePanic.

Calculating overtime couldn't be simpler! Switch to the year view and select any number of days or months. The properties dialog calculates your overtime for the selected days or months, based on your planned working hours, your public holidays and your leave days.

Display overtime with TimePanic.

In this year view, overtime days are painted in shades of red (darker shades indicate more overtime). Undertime days are painted in shades of green (darker shades indicated more undertime). The more the color approaches white, the closer a day approaches the planned working time.

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All over the world, people have discovered how easy it is to keep track of time, and overtime, with TimePanic. Here's one of the comments we've received:

I've been using TimePanic for almost this entire year and I have to say that I honestly don't know how I managed before it. It's an incredible program and very flexible. I also get very excited for new releases, there's always a cool new feature!

Jeremy J. Quandt, Software Engineer, Winona, Minnesota/USA

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Calculating overtime with TimePanic

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