TimePanic is the time reporting software that is a necessity for anyone who charges by the hour. This award winning application lets you track time time you spend working at your computer, and makes it easy to keep track of several projects at once - even if your days are chaotic, TimePanic will make sense of it all! We've put together some scenarios where our time recording software could prove to be invaluable:

Timmy is a freelance web designer who's got several projects running at the same time. Currently busy creating websites for a school, a real-estate agent and a restaurant, Timmy spends many hours at his computer. Yesterday morning he dedicated several hours to the school website, today he's focusing on the new home page for the restaurant. Timmy charges by the hour, and uses a time tracking system that involves a small mountain of post-it notes, an old egg-timer and a memory that is getting worse by the day. How can Timmy ensure that he's actually getting paid for all the work he's doing?

When you use time reporting software, you will often find that you actually work more than you think. TimePanic keeps track of exactly how much time you spend on each project (including small tasks like phone calls and quick emails), ensuring that you will be able to charge for the work that you've done. With this time reporting software, you can easily keep track of several projects at once - and there's no longer any need for all those post-its!

Laura is a translator. She has recently finished a project that involved translating a quality standards manual for a large factory. It took longer than she had expected, as she had to spend a lot of time researching specialist vocabulary and contacting other translators with experience of the industry. Today, she's received a phone call from her client, questioning why she's charged them more than the original estimate and what it was that took so long.
Laura has nothing solid to offer them - and they want more than the "3 hours on Monday, 2,5 hours on Wednesday" that she's got in her notebook. How could this situation have been avoided?

customers will probably ask for a detailed report of what you've done and how long it took. Even if they don't , it is still a good idea to send a time report along with your invoice, as it could help you avoid a lot of problems in the future. TimePanic includes powerful time reporting functions which allow you to create daily, weekly or monthly reports, filtered to show the only the data that you want.

Kate is a freelance writer. She's not picky - she'll write anything that helps her pay the mortgage. Current projects include holiday brochures, home shopping catalogues and the copy for a website that sells chocolate. Sometimes she gets paid depending on the number of words, but she also charges by the hour. This can be tricky, because Kate's family don't always know when she's working. She's constantly interrupted by phone calls from mum, the kids asking for snacks and the dog needing a quick trip to the garden - so how can she charge her clients accurately?

Time tracking and time reporting is surprisingly flexible with TimePanic. It can handle all those annoying little disruptions that have a tendency to take up a lot of time. If the phone rings or a someone stops by with a question when you're in the middle of a task, you'll be able to log these interruptions as separate from your main task. This time reporting software lets you configure toolbar buttons that you can click whenever you're disrupted. When you're ready to return to your main task, you simply click resume.

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Time reporting software - a necessity.

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